Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wish List

My birthday and Christmas are rapidly approaching, and family and friends (but mostly the former,1 since I don’t have many of the latter who care enough to give me gifts) are asking what I would like. Setting aside such futilities as world peace and a pygmy goat and my very own lemur-infested island, here is my wish list:

A flash for my camera. Preferably one of those really nifty ones which I can detonate remotely without it having to be attached to the camera.
A small portable diffuser for said flash.
Some shades for my camera lenses.
Some clear filters to protect my lenses (miraculously they got around Madagascar unharmed, but I really ought to protect them more).
A backpack for lugging the above camera gear around.
A new mattress, ‘cos the current one is nearly ten years old and very lumpy.
Lady with an Ermine. Conveniently, it’s in the National Gallery in London this Christmas, so you won’t have to go all the way to Vienna to perform the heist.
A new hot water bottle – I have plenty of novelty-shaped cases, but only one bottle, and I think that’s going to start leaking soon.
The latest OOTS book, which is quite fortuitous since I found it under the bed the other day when I was looking for something else.
A ferret-proof kitchen bin (but small, since our kitchen is tiny).
A holiday somewhere with interesting wildlife – I hear Costa Rica is pretty nifty, and not far off the track from the Galapagos Islands.
A plain dark tailored jacket for the office.
A new bit of silicone tubing to repair my swimming paddle.
A sticky-roller for removing cat (and ferret) fur from clothing.
A slow-cooker (and a kitchen big enough for it).
A couple of saucepan lids with handles to replace the broken ones (the saucepans are fine). 
Some more Big Gay Musicals for rainy hungover Sundays. Classic stuff, like Calamity Jane, only I already own that. Oh, and Some Like It Hot - I don't have that in my Monroe collection.


I think that’s all. The problem comes when one is an adult and earning money and in (theoretical) control of one’s life. If one wants something, one buys it. I just ordered the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed game – Tim said “Bugger. There goes that plan for your birthday.” (Yebbut I want to play it now, not later!).

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, and all I ever wanted was a pet cat. Now I’m grown up (ha!), I have two cats, not to mention three ferrets.

I am Living The Dream. 

Smug. I haz it.

1 Who feel obliged to do so.

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