Sunday, February 19, 2012

Took a tumble

Came off the bike yesterday on the way to yoga. I'm a bit bruised and scraped, but I think the bike is OK (haven't done a full check yet), but what was nice was that a Random Passer-By helped pick me and the bike out of the gutter and get us out of the road. Seeing as the incident took place on a blind bend/corner/junction combination, I was most appreciative. Especially as the last time I had a similar happening* on a similarly blind junction, I lay in the road immobile and in pain for quite a while as various people walked past looking the other way.

So yay! to the person who rescued me. And sorry if I confused you by sounding quite so pathetically grateful for your involvement, but based on the niceness of the average person, you really stand out!

*Both this and the previous incident were probably caused by diesel spills, and were nearly three years apart. I don't want people to think I make a habit of this.

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