Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Tim took me for a walk this weekend. Up Snowdon. The pretty (steep) way.

I think I confused lots of people by lying on my stomach in the middle of the track to try and get a good snap of a beetle. "Is it rare?" I was asked several times. My response of "No idea what it is, but he's got pretty blue legs and a lovely smile" downgraded me in their estimation as a Serious Entomologist. I think next time I shall tell everyone that it is the Rare HwaffleBaffleBoffle Beetle, and unique at this altitude.

In fact, part-way up I developed a keen interest in the flora and fauna and anything else I could look at to give my legs a rest.

But I will accept, it was worth going up there, even if it took until Tuesday for my legs to recover.

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