Sunday, February 3, 2013

A letter to my MP

What with the upcoming vote on gay marriage, I thought I'm email my MP. That way, if the bill isn't passed, then at least I feel that I tried, rather than doing nothing and then feeling miserable for it.

Dear Paul Beresford,

I am writing to you to ask you to support equal marriage. I am aware from your voting record on equal rights for gay, bi- and heterosexual people that you are unlikely to agree with me, but if I don't write then you will never hear the opinions of all your constituents.

I am a Christian and married, and as you have probably gathered, I am firmly in favour of allowing gay marriage. I am not alone in this - all of my Christian friends, regardless of denomination, support equal marriage rights, and we are constantly disheartened when senior clergy fail to represent our beliefs. Passing legislation permitting gay marriage will *not* somehow undermine marriage (consider various Celebs with multiple weddings lasting only a few months, or some of the delightful examples on Wedinator for examples of things which are already permitted), and there is no real biblical objection to gay marriage. Passing legislation permitting gay marriage will however be another step on the long road to seeing my gay friends treated equally and with respect by the rest of society.

Marriage has constantly been redefined to take changing attitudes into account - consider the Married Women’s Property Acts of 1870 and 1882, or the change in the law during 1992 regarding marital rape. I would love to see it redefined so that gay people could be included as well, rather than being forced down the "separate-but-equal" road of Civil Partnerships.

Yours sincerely,


Based on his record, I'm not convinced this will do anything, but I think teaspooning is better than nothing at all.


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