Sunday, January 22, 2012

That's what friends are for

 My friend Charlotte is a far better photographer than me, so I asked her to show me how to use my new flash (I may have bribed her with vasty quantities of curry). So she came over, carrying large amounts of camera paraphanalia.

Having helped me with some of the basics ("here is where you adjust the flash compensation in the camera; here is where you adjust it in the flash"), she then proceeded to set up three or four flashes, plus a lens that looked like she'd nicked it from the Hubble Space telescope. At this point, I decided not to compete with my own snaps, and merely watched.

She did produce some remarkably good shots.

...and then one of the ferts nicked her phone and we had to spend a while hunting for it until it was located in the bottom of the wardrobe...
More of Charlotte's picures here.

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