Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good St Wencescescesceslas Square and beyond

I have just realised that I failed to blog my last few photos of Prague. So here they are. 

We examined St Wencescescesceslas Square, and admired the bullet holes left in the museum by some careless Russians. We then took a tram ("Ting! Ting! Ting! Went the bell!") south to look at the famous Dancing House, and agreed that it did indeed bear a striking resemblance to Fred and Ginger, provided that they had no arms, Ginger had no head, they had eight skinny legs between them, and were made of concrete and glass.

We has a picnic outside what was either an armadillo farm with artwork or a theatre (the money was on armadillos) and ambled back to our hotel via a route which included as many bridges as possible.

Art. And the reflection of the Armadillo Farm.
The graffiti in Prague was somewhat verbose
Scary babies with barcode faces
Weirdest fountain EVAH. The two gentlemen are urinating into a pond which is the shape of the Czech Republic. Their manhoods are adjustable, and they shimmy from the hip to provide variety in their spray patterns.
Then the epic Game of Transport commenced! It began with charades in a ticket office (public transport in Prague required one's luggage to also have a ticket. Mr S knew enough Czech to ask for the tickets we needed, but we didn't know the word for "suitcase" and every mime-and-point we tried resulted in a confused Czech woman offering us a carrier bag with our tickets). It then continued with a metro, a bus, an aeroplane which flew over some ferries, a taxi and a private car. Add that to the tram earlier, and we believe we collected the set that day!

Yes, 1938.

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