Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bundi and Beyond

After Karauli, we moved on to Bundi, a rather pretty (and friendly) little town. We stayed in the Bundi Vilas, which had (as we later discovered) amazingly helpful staff. Not only did they leave us in charge of the Rooftop Terrace Anti-Monkey Defence System (a rifle) when they went downstairs to retrieve more gin, but when Tim decided (in the best of colonial traditions) to take to bed with a fever, they arranged the doctor's visit, and offered to let us stay as long as necessary until he was recovered. In the meantime, I explored the town alone.

View from Bundi Palace

Lots of the children only knew the English words "Hello! Photo! One rupee!" but these two girls were polite and just wanted to see their pictures on screen.

Whilst Tim was ill, I made a new friend who fed me chai.

This is what he was working on. Can you see the signature?

...there it is! On the ear-ring.

The artist at work

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Motherlode!

After lunch, back in Bhanwar Vilas Palace one of the family offered to show us around the estate (and guesthouse, and polo ponies with a serious biscuit habit). But first, I went butterfly-hunting. 

I didn't find much in the way of co-operative butterflies (there were some beautiful swallowtails, but they kept their distance. What I did find, was a small hole in the ground which was jam-packed full of TEH CUTE

Mummy (I think)
Wibbly legs
Intrepid Esplorer!

Three curious mongoslings, close enough for me to consider using my macro lens, with mummygoose keeping her distance and wondering when I'd let her back near her babies.