Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Pitter-Patter of Paws

Kitty the ferret has been a bit lonely since the sad demise of Wellesley. And a lonely ferret is a nuisance, so we headed to the Furry Friends Rescue Centre in Old Coulsdon to pick up some new friends.

So will you please welcome Eð and Þorn:



  1. OK, for those of us who don't speak Old English or Icelandic, how do you pronounce those names?

    (Or are they just the way those letters are pronounced in the appropriate language (ie Eth and Thorn ?)

  2. Eth & Thorn are the letters. Both are the "th" sound. The difference between them is in the aspiration.

  3. As in the letters. Eth as in "whETHer", Thorn as in "spikey things on roses".

  4. Isn't Eth a voiced dental fricative and Thorn an unvoiced dental fricative, both of them aspirated or you'll sound like a South African?