Sunday, March 25, 2012

I lift my eyes to the rooflines

If, like me, you like looking up at the little details on buildings,* then Prague is a fantastic city.

A statue honouring Fearless Firefighters...
...and their Fearful Customers

We spent the morning ambling around Prague, guided by Miffy and an over-caffienated youth named Karel.
Tour Guide Miffy
Tour Guide Karel, explaining how the importance of keys during the Velvet Revolution
 Then we ambled a bit more.

Probably the best bit of the otherwise over-hyped Famous Prague Clock

Actually a synagogue, despite looking like a mosque (built with funds from an Islamic charity).

Note the lower clock is in Hebrew, and so the hands are backwards
There was much callipygian statuary
Standard Charles Bridge tourist shot
Apparently the opera Don Giovanni (which this statue commemorates) features Dementors. Or Nazgul. I forget which.

Having done that, we headed for the rather superb Beer Museum Pub ("30 Beers on tap!"), before a reviving meal of dumplings followed by a less-reviving bottle of Becherovka.

*For instance, a very posh restaurant in Bishopsgate sports a jaunty gold beaver weathervane, because it used to be the Hudson Bay Company's London offices. Not many people notice it.

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