Friday, March 23, 2012

It was ten years ago today...

Ten years ago, I stood in the college chapel and said "I do". I was wearing my grandmother's wedding dress to save money; Tim was wearing a grey suit and a hand-painted tie we'd picked up in the market. The Best Man had a matching tie, and my bridesmaid wore a dress from TK Maxx. Tim had to kick me on the ankle at one point because I was distracted by the squirrels behind the altar (those familiar with Fitzwilliam College will understand what I mean) and the man I could see pouring Buck's Fizz on the lawn, and almost missed saying half my vows before happily hopscotching down the stairs from the chapel.

That was seven ferrets, two cats, two cars, three houses, four jobs and twelve bicycles ago. I was trying to find some scanned-in photos, but they seem to have vanished into the ether.

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