Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Luxembourg and beyond!

The rolling hills of Belgium

The campsite owner had warned us that the road to Luxembourg would be hard: full of mountains and precipitous cliffs where, if one came off the road, one could fall for two days until one hit the bottom. Although it was only 80km by our route sheet (so at least 90km, as all our actual journeys came in at 10% over distance) we were a little worried until we remembered that she was Dutch. 

Certainly, the road was a little rolling as we left Bievre towards Paliseul and Bertrix* but it was nothing too scary.

Naturally, all was going too well. Since the bike seemed to be behaving itself, Tim's Achilles tendon decided to play up, and by Arlon he was suffering a lot. We went very slowly along the final flat 10km, admiring all the strip clubs which encircle Luxembourg (presumably there is a law against being nude-for-cash in that country). When we reached Steinfort, we applied medicinal beer and steak and hoped for recovery.

Route here, though we largely used the N40 and N4 into Luxembourg.

*Or "Beaver, Pauley-Saul and Beatrix" as we called them. When I'm reading a route sheet and calling place names for Tim to spot on the roadsigns, accurate pronunciation is the last thing you want. I have to say something that Tim can hear over the road noise and know approximately what the word will look like when written down. 

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